“Ethan is a contagious mix of upscale class and true grit. His close up work is captivating, leaving the audience in amazement every time. His unique brand of edge will have you in stitches all night.” -Greg B, Queens



“With an offbeat, murderous charm, Ethan the Mad delivers on entertainment value in every setting. Disarming participants with a combination of card tricks, witty banter and meaningful glances, you can’t help but have a good time with this guy. “-Corey M, NYC



“Ethan is fantastic. His up-close work is tight, and his banter is edgy and funny. Very entertaining.” -Chris J from NYC



“I saw Ethan’s show at the Monro, he primarily focused on card tricks, he also performed coin tricks.  He kept the crowd entertained, even though I was standing fairly close (2-3 feet away).  Ethan kept the show fast paced and had the audience’s attention throughout.  I highly recommend him.” -Artie M, from Texas



“Ethan the Mad Magician’s performance is fascinating, the thin veneer of class erupts to deliver a hearty dose of classic Brooklyn sleaze, entertaining in a masochistic, intriguing, flourish. Confident with a hearty dose of swagger and subtle flash, suave bemusements abound.” – Matt C, from MA