What do Magicians say in their shows?

This is a post I made on Quora in response to the question: “What do Magicians say in their shows?

Some work off a script, others improvise, but in the end everyone is different. What’s important to remember is: what a magician says in the act is often the most important part.

Usually I start off a trick, quick, flashy, but then I introduce the story I will be telling to the audience once their attention is focused. This story changes naturally throughout a show, depending on the crowd’s reactions.

What I try to do overall is build a compelling package of tricks reinforcing the story I am telling. For example, one of my favorite simple tricks to do is called “Back into Time” by Roy Walton.

For this particular trick I use a volunteer, and explain that time is malleable, or in layman’s terms, time isn’t stuck, it’s fluid, you effect it, and it effects you. For example, if you have a great experience somewhere, you anchor yourself to that time and place, so you have a particular memory, and this anchors you to time itself. Then I continue once I see they understand, and say, “Alright, now, you already have a time in mind. Here, you’ve shuffled, but we’re anchored now. That’s perfect.” then I reveal a card, place it in the center of the deck. “That moment is just like that card, stuck in your life, half in, half out, a moment in time you can reference whenever you like. Now, let’s push that card in.” Once they do, I show them the card is really gone into the deck, no doubles, nothing on the top or the bottom to show me where it is. I have them select a second card, and have them put it into the deck anywhere they’d like. “Some times, you can never get rid of a memory, good or bad. Now, let’s go back in time.” so then they swish the card around while still in the deck, back through time they go. “When you feel it’s changed, and you’re back in that place in time, go ahead and take the card out.” They pull the card out, and then usually they react very well when it was the original card. Then I usually cut out with a time pun. “Time’s up, gotta go.”

What do you say during your shows and why is it important to your performance? Don’t have a show? What would you present yourself as? How do you work through tricks? Leave a comment and let me know.

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