Blog Post #1: At the Table with Bobby Maverick

Another day, another Blog is born. This is not my first attempt, and it probably won’t be my last, but HEY!

After a little dry spell (get it?) my inspiration is trickling back. This weekend I checked out Bobby Maverick’s “At the Table” lecture from Penguin Magic [this is the lecture I purchased which is still $7.95] it was cheap at the time, somewhere around 7.95 for the download.

The lecture has some pretty great insight into busking, how Maverick got into it, and his motivations behind his work ethic and inspiration from a special guest. What I found particularly useful were his thought processes and where he comes from as a performer as a direct result.

Initially, Maverick shows his mettle with his appreciation for the art of magic as a whole, and who and what he finds enlightening, throwing in some strong references to effects he performs and who his role models in the industry are, which relative to other lectures I have seen, were fantastic allusions to where you as an entertainer can apply yourself.

While I didn’t pick out any tricks for my current rotation, the presentation left me with enough curiosity for a second viewing, and that alone should merit it’s relatively low price of admission, and you may find a few gems that wouldn’t fit MY particular style. With this in mind, I am going to watch again, and see if I could adjust and adapt any of the street style moves to my close up routines.

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